Cherry Hospital Cemetery

A Painful Reminder of a Forgotten Era

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of men and women buried at Cherry Hospital. The vast majority are unmarked and unknown.

The following pictures are from the graveyard located off West Ash Street, behind the SPX facility and across the street from the State Employees’ Credit Union.

The burials are primarily from the early 1900s and consist of no more than a death date, patient number, and sometimes a name.

Honoring Wayne County’s WWI Dead: Charles Rom Hardesty

Another victim of the worst killer in WWI- disease

George HardestyGeorge Rom Hardesty was born in Wake County on July 17, 1882 to Washington (1825-1904) & Katherine (1845-1914) Hardesty.

He attended North Carolina State University (known then as NC State A&M) and graduated in 1907 with a degree in electrical engineering. While at school he was a member of the literary society and served in the college military department as captain of Company B.

In 1909 Hardesty moved to Goldsboro to take a position as an engineer at Cherry Hospital, a job he held until 1917.

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Dewey Brothers

The Dewey Brothers site on George Street is being torn down.

I was fortunate to get some photos of the site before everything is gone.

F-15E landing, V-22 Osprey in the background

I was out on Highway 111 near Seymour Johnson AFB and happened to have my camera as F-15E’s were landing.

F-15E landing with V-22 Osprey in background, Goldsboro NC

A V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor happened to be flying off in the distance. It was headed west, probably from Chery Point in Havelock. The base is home to the 2nd Marine Air Wing.

V-22 Osprey close-up


V-22 Osprey in flight


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