Cherry Hospital Cemetery

A Painful Reminder of a Forgotten Era

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of men and women buried at Cherry Hospital. The vast majority are unmarked and unknown.

The following pictures are from the graveyard located off West Ash Street, behind the SPX facility and across the street from the State Employees’ Credit Union.

The burials are primarily from the early 1900s and consist of no more than a death date, patient number, and sometimes a name.

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4 thoughts on “Cherry Hospital Cemetery”

  1. I was just wondering if you consider it safe to visit the cemetery? I notice it’s isolated yet close to the drug rehab center whose patients are free to move around.

    • I’ve been out there several times and not had a problem. Take a left just before the credit union down a dirt road. There is a gate you can walk around and the cemetery is a hundred yards or so from the gate. It is spooky but I don’t think it’s dangerous.

    • Members of my family and I recently visited this cemetery. We signed in at the New Cherry Hospital and they had law enforcement unlock the gate so we could drive in. The Officer also remained there with us and escorted us out.

  2. I have been there a few times over the years the last time I was there and the gate was open. While taking some pictures I noticed a red pick up truck coming down the road and figured time to get into my car. Glad I did these guys weren’t site seeing. They gave not such a friendly look and followed me out. There were some police officers parked at one of the buildings playing with a drone I parked next to them and truck left and never came back. Don’t know what their motive was to drive down there just to follow me out. Told the officers I was going back down there and keep an eye out for a red truck.


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