Cromulent Manifesto?


First of all, “cromulent manifesto” is a nonsense phrase taken from a Simpsons episode over 20 years ago and if you get the reference…here’s an imaginary cookie. This site is my experiment with a website heavy on history and particularly why the past matters. Oh, and also random opinions and ramblings about God knows what.

Shakespeare coined the phrase “past as prologue” and it’s still, 400 years later, spot on. Our lives and the world around us do not exist in a vacuum. History is always playing a part in our lives but we rarely realize the impact.

Hopefully some of my upcoming posts will make you think differently about why the world is the way it is today. Maybe you’ll love my posts or maybe you’ll read them and want me to set myself on fire…either way though you read it, so thanks.

I’ll have regular posts along with short videos. There will also be a books section with stuff I like and think somebody else might enjoy. If I think of anything that would be of interest I’ll add that too.

Most importantly, if you like what you read or even disagree with something I’ve said, leave a comment. I want to encourage discussion and I’ll certainly respond to comments via posts, videos, or the comment section.  Also, if there’s a subject you’d like me to talk about just let me know and I might make a post or video.


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