Pic of the Week: LBJ

Lyndon B. Johnson touches down at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

LBJ at Seymour Johnson AFB, May 7, 1964

The photo was taken May 7, 1964 at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC.  In the background is Air Force One, VC-137C SAM 26000, the Boeing 707 on which Johnson was sworn in as president on November 22, 1963 after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the back left is Marine One, probably a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King.

He gave a brief speech on the tarmac at 6:05 pm and was accompanied by his wife and daughter, along with North Carolina governor Terry Sanford and US Senators Everett Jordan and Sam Ervin, Jr (of Watergate fame).

On this day alone, Johnson began his day in Washington D.C. and traveled to Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, and finally Atlanta, Georgia, where he arrived after 10:00 pm and spent the night.

Johnson’s schedule for the day, from the LBJ Presidential Library:

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