Pic of the Week: Lonely Bachelor [Updated]

Steak for One

Old photographs like this are great but frustrating. Unlike a formal portrait or important event, photos like these capture the mundane business of everyday life.

Unfortunately, his identity is unknown. The photo was taken in 1939 somewhere in Wayne County, NC, probably Goldsboro.

I call him the “lonely bachelor”- steak for one, slumped shoulders, blank stare, and frayed tie. There is an aura of sadness and solitude to his existence but pictures can only capture a specific moment in time so his life as a whole is a mystery.

Update – 7/6/2018

The “lonely bachelor” has been identified. His name is Deward Malcolm Heath, born August 3, 1912 and died September 27, 2001. Mr. Heath was married to Eunice (b. 1917, d. 2005) and had children. He owned and operated Heath Grocery, located at 619 N. William St. in Goldsboro.

Deward Heath grave, Wayne Memorial cemetery
Grave marker at Wayne Memorial cemetery, just outside Goldsboro. Photo from findagrave.com.

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Week: Lonely Bachelor [Updated]”

  1. This is a photo of Deward M Heath. It was taken in his grocery store (Heath’s Grocery) on the southeast corner of William and Holly streets. He is pictured behind the counter, selling the steak. He purchased this store from his material grandfather, John Nicholas Edwards. In 1939, Deward would have been 27 years old, married, and the father of a one year old son, Deward Malcolm Heath, Jr.,and lived in an apartment across from William Street School.
    Where did you get this picture?

    • John,

      Fantastic! I didn’t think his identity would ever be known but crowdsourcing on the internet is a powerful tool for discovery. Are you related to Deward?
      I’ll send you a high quality digital scan of the photo.



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