The US Tax Code is a Monstrosity

The US tax code is 75,000 pages. At 1 page per minute it would take 1250 hours, or 52 days, to complete.

You can download the entire tax code here but beware; the whole thing is in 63 separate files. The largest section is Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code. It concerns most of the run of the mill taxes we deal with when we file. How many pages does that take? Over 6500.

Download it, look over a few random sections, have a minor stroke, and then delete the file when you regain consciousness.

What is even more astounding is the fact that Americans spend almost 9 billion hours each year on tax preparation; compliance costs the US economy over $400 billion.

I am way too dumb to suggest a better system, but there is no way that what we have currently is fair, efficient, and practical. At the very least there should be more of a public debate on the merits of alternative tax laws, perhaps a flat tax or the FairTax.



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