Blind Tigers & Dissolute Women

From the minutes of the Goldsboro Board of Aldermen comes this nugget of booze and prostitution in 1917.

At the July 2, 1917 meeting of the city aldermen, the board called to the attention of the chief of police the proliferation of “Blind Tigers and dissolute women” in the city.

They instructed the chief to make every effort to free the city from “these shameful evils and solicit their cooperation [local judges] with the decent people of the community that these flagrant vices be abolished.”

“Blind tiger” is slang for an illegal bar, i.e. a speakeasy and “dissolute women” was a polite term for prostitutes.

At the July 17 meeting of the aldermen, Police Chief E.J. Tew reported on the arrest of twelve women and two men for a range of offenses including vagrancy (prostitution), running a bawdy house (brothel), and retailing whiskey.

One woman, Grace Lane, convicted of vagrancy, paid a fine and was let go on condition that she “leave [the] city by twelve o’clock July 15th or serve a sentence of 30 days in jail.”

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Obligatory Top 10: Buildings

10. Erechtheion – Athens, Greece

The Erechtheion, completed in 406 BC, is one of several structures atop the Acropolis, the most famous being the Parthenon. Built in honor of Athena and Poseidon, the temple was built completely of marble and rests on a slope. The most prominent feature is the porch on the north side, supported by six caryatids, columns of draped maidens. Caryatids, “maidens of Karyai”, worshipped the goddess Artemis by dancing with baskets of reeds on their heads.

Erechtheion     Erechtheion - Caryatid Porch

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