NC Railroad Survey of Wayne County, 1851

1851 NCRR survey distanceThe North Carolina Railroad was chartered in 1849 and completed in 1856. It ran from Charlotte to Goldsboro, where it ended at the Wilmington & Weldon line.

In 1851 the company compiled a book of maps showing the right of way for the entire line, including property owned adjacent to the track.

The entire survey can be viewed online at the North Carolina Maps project.

Wayne County had nine miles of track, beginning at the Johnston County line and running in line with modern Highway 70 into town.

1851 NCRR survey Waynesborough


Above: Section of the survey covering Waynesborough. By 1851 the former county seat was in the process of being abandoned in favor of the new town of Goldsboro. The NC RR did build a spur line but it was rarely used.

There are two lots labeled in the bottom left corner of town, numbers 73 and 74, owned at the time by J. (likely James A.) Rhodes and T. Vail.

The property to the northwest of town was owned by John A. Green.


1851 NCRR survey Goldsborough 1


Above: Section of Goldsboro from Walnut St. south to Pine Street.

At the southeastern corner of the Ash and Walnut  intersection is the Griswold Hotel, one of the earliest built in Goldsboro. It lasted until the early 1880s when the Kennon Hotel replaced it. In 1925 it was demolished to make may for the Hotel Goldsboro which still stands today.

The land south of town owned by William B. Edmonston is the old Kemp Furniture factory south of Elm Street.


1851 NCRR survey Goldsborough 2


Above: Section of Goldsboro from Walnut St. north to Beech Street.

In addition to the Griswold, diagonally across the intersection is Nixon’s Hotel. It was located just behind the Goldsboro Drug building, facing Walnut.

Between Vine and Beech there is a railway turntable and several buildings for engine and car maintenance.

There are several numbered lots at the turntable, presumably bought from local landowners. Three owners are listed, O. Coor Shff (possibly Sheriff), T.D. Thomas, and Willis Hall.


1851 NCRR survey Wayne County


Above: Section just west of Waynesborough.

There is a line denoting the boundary between the property of John Green and William R. Lane. Slightly west of this line is a road and a rail bridge over the Little River. The bridge would have been near the modern Highway 70 bridge over the Little River on the western edge of Goldsboro.

At the far right there is a road labeled “Road to Waynesborough”, which today is Elm St.


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