Pic of the Week: It’s tough being a lawyer

lawyer sleeping in chair, Goldsboro, John Vachon photographer, 1938
Library of Congress

Sometimes lawyer jokes are just too easy. The photo, taken in 1938, shows this lawyer asleep at his chair, probably on a hot North Carolina summer afternoon.

The photographer was John Vachon, one of countless men hired by the New Deal Farm Security Administration to document rural American life in the late 1930’s. This photo was taken in downtown Goldsboro, NC, likely on “lawyer’s row” on E. Walnut St. across from the county courthouse which still stands today.

  • Who is he?

Unfortunately it’s not listed in the Library of Congress file, and while not a large town, the 1938 Goldsboro directory lists no less than forty lawyers. All I can say for sure is that it is not George E. Hood, a former U.S. Representative, or Kenneth C. Royall, the last U.S. Secretary of War.

There is a calendar in the center left of the image and possibly a thermometer hanging on the door frame just behind sleeping beauty but both blur too much when magnified.


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