Dudley Primitive Baptist Church

The following is a contract from 1891 for the construction of a new building for the Primitive Baptist Church in Dudley, NC. The original document is in the collection of the Wayne County Museum.

Dudley Primitive Baptist, 1891 contract

The contract reads:

Dudley, Wayne Co. N.C. Oct 6 1891.

We, John Smith, on behalf of the “Primitive Baptist Church” at Dudley N.C. and Z. Harris do hereby enter into a contract, under the following conditions. Viz the said Z. Harris, agrees to tear down and rebuild the above named Church, the said John Smith agreeing to pay him the sum of Seventy Five Dollars, when the work is completed according to the terms of this contract, which are as follows. The house to be taken down and rebuilt, size 26 x 36 ft. As many solid blocks as are necessary to be put under the house. The house to have 6 windows, 2 on each side, and 2 in the south end, with the stand [likely the pulpit] between. The windows to be of sufficient size for 12 panes 12 x 14 in., the outside facings to be dressed of the old shutters to be fitted to the windows. The house to have 2 doors in north end, 1 of which is to be new, the other to be old door now in south end of house. The weather boarding is to be new, except that such of the old as may be good, is to be dressed and put on the south end. The roof is to extend 8 or 10 in. over body of house, and to be properly boxed. The stove flue to be rerun as it is now, and sand box to be furnished for same. The house to be ceiled overhead with good new ceiling. Eaves of house to be boxed. The old roof to be carefully taken off, and such of the shingles as are good to be turned over and reused. The doors to have good steps. The old seats to be filled in to suit the house. The old timbers to be piled up against the fence adjoining the lot. As much new lumber shingles etc as are needed to be used, the same to be furnished by the said Z. Harris. We further agree that W.B. Bowden, and J.P. Oberry, may act as judges of the work and receive the same when completed and we will be governed by their decision in relation to the same.

Witness      John Smith      J.R. Jinnett      Z. Harris

The house to [be] ready for use by 1st Sunday in Nov. 1891.

The paper is still in wonderful condition. The handwriting is legible and for the most part, grammatically correct, unlike an 1824 letter from a previous post.

Names mentioned in the document

  • Z. Harris – Zack Harris was born in 1849 and died January 18, 1894.
    * He was married to Martha Hughes (1852–1921) and had one daughter, Maggie Harris Jernigan (1876–1954).
    * He is buried in the Grady Cemetery on Emmaus Church Road in the Indian Springs community.

  • J.R. Jinnett – John Robert Jinnette was born May 23, 1864 in Wayne County and died June 5, 1944.
    * His wife was Anna and they had nine children according to the 1910 census: Willie, Bertie, Edward, Henry, John A., Annie, Gurnie, Iva, and Claudie. John Robert’s mother Ann and a 21 year-old named Willie Newell were also listed in the household.
    * John Robert is buried in the Talton-Hood-Jinnette-Britt Families Cemetery in Grantham.

  • J.P. O’berry – Josephus Person O’berry was born September 13, 1848 and died September 9, 1922 in Dudley.

I have been able to find nothing about the Dudley Primitive Baptist Church (location, years, etc…). If you know anything please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Dudley Primitive Baptist Church”

  1. Brantley,

    Got this message from a friend who lives in the Wayne County. “There’s a sign on Casey Saw Mill Road that says Primitive Baptist Cemetery. I wonder if that’s the site of the church but the church is no longer there.” Good luck searching.



  2. Brantley, A friend’s parents live in Dudley. Here is her Dad’s response about the Primitive Baptist Church: “The Primitive Baptist Church was indeeed on Casey Mill Road in Dudley. It’s now at Waynesborough Park on Highway 117. The county moved the church there when they opened up the park several years ago.” Hope this helps. Sincerely, Jason

    • Jason,

      How are you!?

      Funny enough I am the director at Waynesborough Park. There is a building out here that was a Primitive Baptist Church called Gum Pond. It was originally a one-room school and it was located on Casey Mill Rd.

      I think this is it!

      Thanks so much for the info. Hope you’re doing well and tell your family I said hello.



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