Men of Wayne County in World War I

Goldsboro NC Wayne County Memorial Community Building campaign posterOver 1800 young men from Wayne County served in World War I.

More than 50 lost their lives.

The following are three lists:

1) names and basic information on the men that served in the war with a connection to Wayne County
2) names and information for the men that lost their lives
3) a list of men whose letters to home were collected just after the war by Gertrude Weil and the local Red Cross. After the death of Ms. Weil,  these letters were given to the State Archives.

The Wayne County Public Library  will be presenting public programs this fall on the war and its effect on the soldiers and families of the county.

If you recognize a relative or anyone else on the lists and you have information on them (photos, documents, family info, etc…) please contact Marty Tschetter, local history librarian, at (919)735-1824 or .

Download here:

OR view below:

Wayne County World War I soldiers list
Wayne Co. WWI soldiers


Wayne County World War I dead
Wayne Co. WWI dead


Wayne County World War I letters
Wayne Co. WWI letters

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